Review: One Woman Sex and the City ****

One Woman Sex and the City


18.55 until 27th August @ Under Belly Bristo Square

(**** 4 star)

Performer Kerry Ipema takes us on a hilarious trip down memory lane of all six seasons of the extremely popular HBO show, Sex and the City.

Fans of SATC will no doubt be dubious, with only one woman impersonating their beloved Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, just as I was at the start, but after around 10 minutes I’m sure will find themselves laughing and reminiscing while also appreciating the faults of the show that are acknowledged with all-round general P*** taking.

Amongst the audience were people who had never seen SATC before and I wasn’t sure if they would quite pickup on everything, but as I looked around at the various age groups, everyone seemed to take something from the fact this wasn’t only about the TV show but also about relatable life, things like, brunching, shoes, love/sex/relationships, friendships, and of course New York City and how we can all relate in some way to any of these much-loved characters.

Kerry’s impressions of all the characters was hilarious but by far my favourite and the most accurate and flawless one was that of the show’s character, Samantha Jones which she totally nailed. There’s no denying this is a brilliantly genius idea for a unique fringe show.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this parody of the six seasons and only wished there had been a bit more time to cover the films, perhaps next year.

A fabbbuloussss, sassy, daring, fascinating, fun filled, quick hour which celebrates the classic show and left me wanting to watch all six seasons from the start again.

Susan Clark