Review: No Kids ****


NO KIDS ****

Pleasance Courtyard Venue 33

August 1st to 27th (not 8,13,21.)


Nir and George have been together for more than a dozen years when they develop a great urge to have a family. To have a child. Here we have an actual gay couple who have been through this situation and are acting out their experience for us.

This is a very dynamic and action packed show which at the same time is full of striking ideas and insights. See this show and feel you want to join in being as active as these guys – I would die for the space they have to dance in their opening moments – and listen to some very pertinent ideas about the environmental cost of children – especially pertinent in this long, hot summer.

Together, Nir and George imagine all the possible scenarios, wonderful and alarming. They wish for a fantasy world in which Nir can become pregnant, they discuss surrogacy, they imagine the experience of the baby, they think about what the child will be as it develops, and becomes so very wonderful. They also think of the effects on their personal life and their freedom. But all this is done with great energy and a lightness of touch. At no point are the audience not rooting for them and living their dilemma.

However, in the latter part of this show, there was a time when things seem to be rather diffuse, and I think just a very few minutes cut could have improved the show. Yet I would not want to take away from what I think is a brilliant show, extremely well worth experiencing and a thought-provoking, mind-expending performance which will also get your feet tapping.

Tony Challis