Festival Theatre

19 August Gods 7.30 pmΒ  Β 20th August heroes 2.30 pm Men 7.30 pm 24th August Gods 1.30 pm 25th August Heroes 2.30 pm Men 7.30 pm

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (Five Star)

Here Stephen Fry presents the story of the Greek myths and legends from the birth of the cosmos and of the gods, through Zeus, Hera, Chronos eating his children, Perseus, the Minotaur, the Trojan wars and the story of Ulysses, in a marathon of around nine hours, spread over three separate performances. It is an undertaking of such length and depth that it almost brings to mind Fry’s beloved Wagner.
It was a day and a half of pure enjoyment, as Fry, with great charm and accomplishment, made us feel we were inside these stories. there are a number of ways in which the medicine is allowed to go down more sweetly. Fry is chatty to begin with, makes the audience feel we are here for a fireside chat with a mate, and there are times when something called Mythical Pursuits occurs, and audience members play a role. Then there is the oracle, the messages sent to Fry in the interval which he deals with on his return.
This is the European premiere of this epic performance, and when I saw it it was sold out. Tickets will not be easy to come by. Many people will know Stephen Fry for his comedy appearances in Fry and Laurie, Blackadder and QI, as well as his novels and autobiography, and some may even know The Ode Less Travelled, his very full and effective guide to writing poetry.
Two thirds of this series of shows is also covered in his books, Mythos and Heroes. The third, Men, is still in preparation. So even if you cannot get to this show, you can read the full version! A full audiobook of Mythos, with, I think, 13 discs, is also available. Wagnerian, indeed.
However, there is nothing to beat being taken into the world of these stories in Fry’s company, with his inimitable style, his fresh approach and sometimes earthy humour. This is a show to be cherished.