Underbelly Bristo Square: Buttercup

August 1-25th (not 22nd, 23rd) – 3:55pm

🌟🌟🌟 (Three Star)

Myra Dubois is quite a character. She is quick witted, charismatic and brings her own unique charm to each audience she comes into contact with.

It was frustrating then that I left this year’s show feeling a little…underwhelmed.

As I enter the Buttercup venue, it is filled to capacity. An instrumental version of β€œI Know Him So Well” plays as a tribute to Myra is shown on the multimedia screen: β€œGoodbye Yorkshire’s Rose”, it states. Myra bursts out to the stage, thankfully alive, and greets her audience to humungous cheering.

Her crowd work is second to none, and she tears the audience to pieces with absolute ease, all in classic tongue-in-cheek style. Her improvisation is what works the best in this show. It is the structure of the whole show that lets it down somewhat. Myra is keen for the show to be all about her, as she lets us know in acerbic style at the beginning of the show. She has decided that a funeral setting is the best way for all the attention to come her way. However as the narrative of the show progresses, this theory seems to unwind.

The character of Myra is unapologetically selfish, and this is one of the best things about her. However, the introduction of other characters in her life, her sister and mother, take away from this attention that Myra so desperately wants for herself. Myra’s persona is too selfish, loud and brash for me to care about these other people. I began to find myself becoming detached as an audience member later on in the show, when Myra calls her sister on Skype. The jokes are there and the jokes are funny, I just wasn’t interested in any potential feeling I should have had for anybody but Myra. Too much of the show has a narrative that, in the end, didn’t thrill me.

Despite these criticisms, the show remains enjoyable. Myra Dubois can fill a room and keep an audience laughing for a full hour, non-stop. That is something that takes talent.

James Macfarlane