Review: More Moira Monologues *****

More Moira Monologues

Theatre/Comedy Spoken Word

Scottish Storytelling Centre

Aug 8-11


***** 5 Stars

I grew up on a council estate, full of odd characters, mostly families who stayed there their entire lives, I remember the strong women who lead these households, bold, confident and normally absolutely off there rockers. Watching Moira Bell was a complete flashback to these women. The show came across my desk as a recommendation and without even doing much research I went to the show and boy, am I glad I did. The show I saw was a follow up to the show done earlier on in the day, I didn’t know this, however, I certainly will be returning to see the prologue simply entitled. Moira Monologues.

Don’t worry if you don’t see the first one as the second starts fresh and is absolutely fantastic. The solo lead Moria delivers monologues in a way where you feel like she is personally talking to you and you alone. Centred around Moira telling stories to her closest and oldest friend, she delves into the life of a granny living in Falkirk Sharing memoirs of her grandson, thieving down the local and a very interesting story of a drug-filled night with her sister. You almost forget it is not actually a middle-aged woman in front of you and actually Alan Bisset, who stars and also writes this ingenious comedy. This truly is Scottish comedy at its finest and recommended for all.

There are no fancy costumes, no drag makeup, no elaborate probs, simply a man on a stage with a table, chair, blanket and a copy of OK magazine. This simplicity really allows you to focus on the brilliant comedy which will have you in floods of tears. The comedy pushes the boundaries of what is PC yet in a way that doesn’t make you feel unconvertable.

Overall the show is my absolute favourite so far and I really hope there are more and more Moira Monologues.

Taylor Crockett