The Space @Surgeons Hall, Haldane Theatre, Venue 53

August 3rd to 24th 12:05 (Various Dates)

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Four Stars)

Finding a hidden Jewel in the Fringe is a task all of us take on every year and this little discovery tucked away in the Haldane theatre of the Space @Surgeons Hall is a sparkler, thanks to it gritty, moving and emotional take on one dancers battle with hate.

Craig MacArthur Dolezel is the dancer in question. Written by Brian Quirk. The play places the audience into the hallucinogenic and feverish mind of a physically traumatized Craig who is struggling to make sense of his horrific brutalization and the aftermath that follows as the question is asked: what is hate? It is a visceral and poetic condemnation of LGBTQ violence and a homage to the countless queer artists who have made a positive impact on the world we know and love.

This is admittedly a dark piece for such an early time slot and I entered the theatre with some trepidation, and the opening sequence was tough to understand due to the language style used, however, nothing is more thrilling than theatre that challenges the mind and heart in equal measure. The gorgeous Dolezel delivers an incredibly assured and brave performance flipping between pre and post the brutal event that has shaped his life not only as a dancer but as part of humanity.

Director Melissa Firlit brings an assured vulnerability to Dolezel performance and the scene where the 4th wall is truly shattered and Dolezel engages the audiences and gets them to open up is remarkably potent, we are indeed all created equal.

“Marrow” is running in rep with another play “Box” and could easily sell out as it’s performed in an intimate venue. If you like your fringe play, honest, open, and truthful and performed with great skill then Marrow is essential viewing this Fringe.

Brett Herriot

Twitter @BrettHerriot