Review: Margaret Thatcher, Queen of Soho ****

Margaret Thatcher, Queen of Soho

Comedy Cabaret (LGBT)

22.00 until 27th August

Pleasance Courtyard

**** (4 star)

As a regular performer Margaret Thatcher aka Matt Tedford is often found mingling with the crowds around the main hub of the Fringe creating a buzz and promoting ticket sales.

Despite coming to the fringe for 6 years now, I hadn’t quite got around to seeing this show and while queuing to take our seats, the popularity is clear to see, talking with other members of the audience who come back year after year, with such a fan base, I was sure that this would not disappoint.

In the drag comedy musical, Margaret Thatcher faces the important decision on the vote of section 28 (a homophobic bill designed to stop the implementation of teaching about homosexuality in schools) and on the night before the vote out in SoHo and suddenly becomes an overnight cabaret sensation. Bring on the Disco!

Matt dresses perfectly as Thatcher and when she is joined on stage by the Jets, who I have to say kind of stole the limelight, but the atmosphere, in general, is electric and united. The whole room is filled with cabaret campness and the audience with complete enthusiasm as they laughed, sang and clapped along with Margaret and her Jets.

Thatcher remains a fascinating Icon to this day and this year marks the 30th anniversary of the bill but I get the feeling this show will never tire and I can see myself being one of these people lining up at queue telling others how I come year after year to enjoy this unique performance.

The perfect camp Fringe experience!

Susan Clark