Pleasance Courtyard – Attic

August 1-25th (not 12th) – 8:15pm

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Five Stars

When people ask me what I thought of London Hughes’ show β€œTo Catch a D*ck”, the short answer I tell them is that I enjoyed it so much that I immediately went to the box office and booked another ticket for myself for the next day.

The long answer: I’ll share that with you now…

As I entered the Attic at the Pleasance Courtyard, BeyoncΓ© was blasting through the speakers – the first sign that this would be an absolute banger of a show. Hughes walks in the room to her adoring crowd with a swagger and confidence that is absolutely infectious, going from 0-10 as soon as she steps in the room – her room.

From the outset, Hughes lets everyone know that the show is filthy and that the β€œD*ck” in the title is not short for Richard (unless her grandmother is in the audience, of course). As she powers through just over a decade of β€œdick catching”, the audience is absolutely engaged. When telling an absolutely word perfect routine about a man she dated who…let’s say β€˜enjoyed’ her feet, I looked around at the audience. A bunch of girls in the front row, mouths slightly open, nodding along to the story, hanging on to her every word. By the end of that story, even I gave out an audible gasp.

As I wrote on my Twitter just after the show, London Hughes is the best live performer I’ve ever seen at the Fringe. No question. She owns the stage with ease and with a passion that I’ve never seen from another performer. Her personality shines so brightly through her material. She’s like the best friend you dream of having who’s always telling the funniest story at the party.

After seeing her show the first time, I immediately phoned my friend to tell him that I must see the show with him. After seeing it a second time, I realised that London Hughes really is that damn good.

See this show by any means necessary. London Hughes will be a name to remember.

James Macfarlane