Review: Liz The Musical * (One Star)

Liz The Musical

Musicals and Opera

The Space on North Bridge

Aug 13-18, 20-25


* (One Star)

The criteria for us to give one star is: atrocious, boring, offensive or didn’t work. Liz the Musical was all of these, It got so bad it was homophobic, racist and misogynistic. Clearly, someone thought they could just stick a bunch of poorly crafted crude jokes with some terrible songs and people would appreciate it. That is Liz the Musical.

Considering the night before I had seen another musical featuring the powerful woman of the monarchy I was expecting good things. The show featuring a cast of 9 young and overly enthusiastic actors the show tells the story of Queen Elizabeth, her sudden rise to queenship and then the historically famous altercation with King Phillip of Spain. Its an hour long show throwing together cheap gags, songs written in what I can only assume was some teenagers bedroom and a storyline that can be described as hollow at most.

I would really like to find out more about there casting process If they had one at all. I’m assuming most likely this is an amateur production company who have seen which of there friends are available for a month and gave roles based on least to most likely to get through an X Factor audition. The cast has a basic ability to sing, however the songs they have been given where well above any of there vocal abilities. There was a clear feeling of discomfort in the audience when the leads attempted to hit the high notes.

Now for the offensive parts, I’m no prude, all who know me know I love a crude joke and it takes a lot to offend me. This offended on a level I haven’t felt in many years and was reminiscent of my days in the closet. The cheap play of stereotypes was disgusting with the horrible profiling of gay people and the throw about the use of the word “faggot” made me internally scream. This surrounded by an entire song based on the C word where the cast practically screamed profanities at the crowd. It seems like they put every marginalised category on a piece of paper and asked how can we offend them. I can already hear the cast in unison as they read this review. “There’s a woman in the cast, there are gays in the cast…..”, This is no excuse for there ignorance or there clear disregard for other human beings.

I could forgive the poorly constructed narrative, I could forgive the poor vocals, What I can’t forgive is the downright offensiveness of the show. I can’t stress enough how this show should be missed and put into the history books alongside the attitudes it supports.

Taylor Crockett