Gilded Balloon Patterhoose, Big Yin, Venue 24

Performs on odd dates until August 23rd 15:00

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 stars)

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland mark there 15th Annual Fringe season by once again collaborating with the American Music Theatre Project on its Platform strand. This strand is to showcase developmental musical theatre whilst tying in with its main house production of Legally Blonde earlier in the day.

Limbo: City of Dreams is one half of the Limbo series with Limbo: The Twelve sharing the space on even dates. City of Dreams asks the audience to conceive of a world without imagination, where people have all the answers but can’t ask any new questions, where tradition rules, and where a courageous young girl, Imogen (a wonderfully deep turn buy Katie Lynch) dares to challenge those who came before her.

Written by the talented Finn Anderson and Tania Azevedo (who also directs) this is an epic exploration of humanity weaving music in all its forms into a rich tapestry of theatre art. The production owes much to the 60’s classic “Hair” it borrows heavily from its influence whilst channelling it in a new direction.

Performances are uniformly excellent from a talented bunch actor musicians, with special credit to Emmet Smith as Spark/beatboxing its unique talent and style he brings to the stage and he blends with story amazingly well.

The only slight sticking point is it’s hard to know if the story is repeating its message during the course of the show or if it’s just trying too hard to get the point home. For a developmental piece there is much to take from this Limbo and an assured future awaits not only for City of Dreams but for the next generation of talent coming to our stages. Wonderful stuff indeed,

Brett Herriot

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