August 1-25th – 5:15pm

Gilded Balloon Teviot: Turret

🌟🌟🌟🌟 (Four Star)

Laura Lexx bounces on to the stage at Gilded Balloon, performing her second show of the day. She warns the audience beforehand that she’s performed the exact same show about an hour ago, and to stop her if she starts talking nonsense. Luckily, she delivers this extra show with just as much gusto as if performing it for the first time.

Lexx’s character is an interesting one to behold. Someone who talks freely about her very personal issues on stage, weaves them into her comedy and makes everyone laugh, all without making anyone feel awkward. We hear about her political leanings, her thoughts on Brexit (or β€˜Inverness’ as it was referred to in this particular show) and, most interestingly, her therapy sessions.

What is most charming about the show is that Lexx appears to put a lot trust in her audience by letting us into her world, describing her therapy techniques that she finds most useful. As an example she lets us know her superficial fear for being late for a train and takes us back to the root of that particular problem and explores it in more depth. She cleverly applies this technique to create routines looking into the intricacies regarding LGBT issues with a focus on transgender rights and the male and female divide.

A final routine regarding the root of the problem in relation to the sexes does seem to carry on for a little longer than was needed to get the point across. Apart from this, the show was engaging and enjoyable, fronted by a comedian who seemed genuinely keen to entertain. It isn’t surprising to me that she’s playing extra shows to sold out crowds.

James Macfarlane