Gilded Balloon Teviot, Sportsmans

Performs every day at 16:15 until 24th August

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5 stars)

Jojo Sutherland is a local Edinburgh comedian. She’s usually found at comedy clubs across the country every week, but this Fringe she’s returned for the first time in five years with her own solo show. Let me tell you – it was worth the wait.

This is truly stand-up comedy at it’s best. Stripped back, it’s a black backdrop, mic stand and a single spotlight. No gimmicks. And Jojo has expertly crafted an hour of comedy that is as dark as it is uplifting.

She was brought up in a castle with eccentric parents, and overnight they moved to a caravan. She’s diced with death, and planned her funeral down to the last detail. But her story is much more than her own personal journey from a turret to the comedy stage – it’s a thoughtful piece on today’s culture.

There’s an important message about the role of humour in combatting grief; how we need to laugh rather than take offense, and how everything needs to be taken in context. Context is key, she says – and you won’t be prepared for when they throw the key away.

Be prepared for a kick to the stomach as the laughs turn to Jojo holding the audience in the palm of her hands with a truly personal story of adversity – I shan’t spoil it for you. She is one of the most authentic comedians I’ve ever seen – you know every word of her story is true, and she tells it from the heart.

This show left me speechless; a proper jawdropping, heartwrenching moment that is challenging and breathtaking, yet because Jojo is at the healm – it even ends with the audience erupting in laughter. It’s a must see.

Nathan Sparling

Twitter @NathanSparkling