Review: Joe Sutherland: Toxic ****

Joe Sutherland: Toxic

Comedy (stand up)

Underbelly, Bristo Square

Until Monday 27th August @ 20.10

**** (Four Star)

Joe is there to playfully greet everyone into the room at the McEwan Hall so he can gauge what kind of audience he will be entertaining.

First off Joe starts by acknowledging his good looks and the fact at 29 years of age he looks younger, portrayed in a charming and humorous manner.

Throughout the hour Joe will recall tales from his childhood when he would question his gender, and touchingly mentions his supportive mum, who kept a well-stocked supply of nail polishes in the bathroom where he could use without question.

He shares details of the other colourful characters in his family, love for the spice girls or one in particular (no spoilers) and where he is currently in life, struggling with “who picks up the towel” in a same-sex relationship when you have just moved in together, all the topics are relatable to a variety of genders.

I enjoyed every moment of the show but favourite parts where Joe refers to the bad reputation millennials have and vegans or rather part-time ones, where we need new names created to fit such a lifestyle, for example, vEGGanism (a vegan who eats eggs) or one I know of is a cheesegan where you live a vegan lifestyle but it’s ok to eat cheese once every so often, you get the idea and who doesn’t love to poke fun at millennial hipsters who love to brunch.

Joe is endearing, hilarious and politically switched on presenting a FANTASTIC hour of stand-up, make sure you see him, he is undoubtedly my new favourite comedian.

Susan Clark