Review: It’s Miss Hope Springs ⭐⭐⭐⭐


It’s Miss Hope Springs 

Assembly Bijou  20:20

until 24th August 

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 stars)

I last saw Miss Hope Springs when she treaded the Boards above the Playhouse in 2014. The authentic elegance is very unique. Not so much a drag queen, but a female impersonator who knows her craft. She’s a natural performer who knows how to take command of an audience – and she proved it again.

The audience was clearly a mix of old fans and new faces, but slightly subdued. But thankfully that didn’t stop Hope. The show starts slowly, but soon she’s on the perfect rhythm on her journey from the Ritz to the pits. This towering showgirl sure knows how to put on a show. With a confident prowess, she steered the audience through her self-penned, autobiographical songs from the height of her career as a Las Vegas showgirl to the seedy little nightclub in Pigalle, Paris.

It’s not just the songs that impress. She’s crafted a beautiful story through a mix of old-time favourite Hope songs, and new material, woven with witty one-liners. She shines at the piano under just the spotlight. She has a captivating face that intrigues any audience as she plays, sings and acts her material just perfectly.

The only thing that I felt was missing was the presence of her band. Perhaps I was spoiled the last time I saw Hope with a full arrangement, but I would have loved that extra sparkle that would have made this an unmissable show.

Nathan Sparling