Review: Isa Bonachera: The Great Emptiness ⭐⭐⭐


Isa Bonachera: The Great Emptiness

Gilded Balloon

⭐⭐⭐ (3 stars)

Rising star, Isa Bonachera, draws parallels between space exploration and her turbulent journey through a STEM career in her new show, “The Great Emptiness”. Her quirky one-woman stand-up takes off from the moment she removes her helmet, as she navigates the performance with visual effects and alien voice-distortion. The Great Emptiness is full of facts and jokes, but unfortunately several fail to land.

Whilst she may have intended to lighten the complex topic of astrophysics, some of her more self-deprecating jokes only eclipsed her stellar scientific career, which I would love to have heard more about. This detracted from moments which highlighted her skill and niche as a comic: finding the chemical makeup of a strawberry daiquiri in a black hole, showing off her moon rovers and imagining a dystopian London on Mars. If more of this was explored, Isa could create for a British audience what the Big Bang theory has been attempting for years.

For her homages to Newton and Einstein, Isa should have applied the theory of relativity to her performance. After beginning with a disclaimer about her Spanish accent, as is customary among bilingual comics, she hurtled through most of her punchlines, leaving her audience lightyears behind. Despite Isa’s personable and charming stage presence, the audience was sometimes alienated by her spurts of laughter which drowned out vital parts of her stories.

Although the performance was not out of this world, Isa shows great potential and enthusiasm, and she should harness her strengths as a writer and have the confidence to own her nerdiness which is her most radiant attribute.

Georgie Rae