Greenside @ Nicolson Square 20:55

Β Aug 6-10

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (Five Stars)

HoneyPot play is a funny and thought provoking theatre show brought to life by a diverse all female cast. Throughout the show we relived the fairytales we grew up on… but with a twist. HoneyPot took traditional storylines and catapulted them into modern day injecting current affairs into their narrative.

We saw a modern version of Mulan dealing with confusion over gender identity, Cinderella tackling gender norms and even Aladdin and the Genie β€œpainting the town gay”. I feel this show was really successful in addressing today’s social issues such as feminism, transphobia, gender, sexuality amongst others all in the one hour!

The set is simple; just three chairs and coloured lighting relying on the talented eight women cast to bring each story and setting to life. Even with Edinburgh being their first ever run the show feels polished and well-executed.

Usually, I wouldn’t recommend a show that discusses sex, genitalia and even pubic hair to a young audience… yet HoneyPot is different. I believe a young audience would personally relate with the characters and maybe even share some the same issues that they are addressing. An older audience may find the show interesting as its youthful narrative would be great at highlighting social pressures and internal conflict faced by millennials.

The show enjoyed laughter, claps and even some singing. A well deserved five star performance.

David Crew