Review: Holly Morgan: Is a Witch. Get Her!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Holly Morgan: Is a Witch. Get Her!

Comedy (cabaret, musical theatre)

Gilded Ballon 22:00

 Aug 9-11, 13-26

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5 stars)


It’s not very often that I can write that a comedian is an absolute witch on stage and I still get to give them 5 stars, but with Holly, that’s an absolute compliment. Holly and her husband Tom, acting as her familiar, take us through the history of witches which mirrors the domination in our past of misogyny, white male power and sexual assault. Who knew!! Holly’s quick whit, dynamic impressions and power ballad voice that gives goosebumps, this is an hour-long show of feet tapping and belly laughs

This show is jam packed with pop culture references, which anyone who has watched TV in the past 30 years will get! I did love how camp the show was, which was funnily enough from Tom, who is clearly not afraid to be himself on stage

You always kind of half expect a comedian who does a few songs with impersonations to be a bit naff, however, Holly has a voice skill that can only be described as glorious, she has a unique ability to captivate the audience with her voice and draw everyone in, while keeping the smile on our faces. I do need to put a special hat off to her and Toms rendition of Shallow, which was oozing with lust and humour at the same time.

Tom, Tom, Tom, where can I start. I don’t think I’ve ever had a man-crush before, well especially not on a married older man. But Tom has an air of brilliance around him, one that carries the show from segment throughout and brings an adorable balance to the show, and not to mention Tom can also sing. I can already imagine the talent their future children would have.

All round this is the show you need to see at the end of your fringe day, it’s a perfect hour and one of the best comedy acts and the fringe, highly recommended and a pleasure to call it a five star.

Taylor Crockett

Twitter @taylorccrockett