Review: Hamilton (Lewis) **

Musicals and Opera

Hamilton (Lewis)

George Square Studio One


 ** (Two Star)


In the room where it, didn’t happen.

‘Hamilton Lewis’, the parody musical spinoff of Broadway and west end sensation ‘Hamilton’. Kings Head Theatre London has made its mark on the theatre industry as a forefront leader of theatre within the LGBT community, Hamilton: Lewis, although led by a female (name of female) did not make pole position, unlike its other productions, have in the past, this production was let down by the low budget and almost tackiness of the design of the show.

A production which was drowned by the space it took on at Edinburgh struggled to survive, with audio drowning the cast as they struggled to portray the somewhat troubled like of Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. The production’s designs were potentially one of the most baffling things of the entire performance, for a show which spent less than 10 minutes overall based on a racetrack to be entirely designed around didn’t make much sense, but again I feel like it complemented the low budget of the production.

Fiona English’s book brought together the format of Lin Manuel Maranda’s mastery and the somewhat boring life of Lewis Hamilton, which also make sweeping judgments about both Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger’s life.

Overall I feel like this production was pulled together last minute in order to try and rival ‘Spamilton’ currently playing at the Menier Chocolate Factory, London. I also believe this piece of theatre was alike the pieces created in GCSE Drama, but sadly should’ve been left in GCSE Drama.

Reviewed by JF