August 16th-26th, 13.45


How do you parody a television show like Love Island, when it is already a parody of itself? Well, just ask the cast of ‘Got A Text: A Musical Parody’ at the aptly named Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose – a musical full of laughs, witty jokes and memorable (and sometimes purposely non-memorable) characters.

The show begins with a ‘behind-the-scenes’ style casting reel, as the audience enter the space, relaying the stereotypes often found on the reality programme – and they really don’t hold back with the punches, labelling ‘The Token Welsh’ and ‘The Slutty One’ on the clapperboards! It cleverly set the scene for what we were about to encounter in the villa.

A colourful cast with massive personalities wove all the aspects of Love Island into the 60 minute parody, with numerous texts designed to torture the contestants with tasks and twists. A highlight was the introduction of a new potential man, pulled from an unsuspecting audience. Cut to a quick improvised interview, and much hilarity – don’t sit in the aisle unless you’re ready for a Welsh grilling!

Although I spent most of the show laughing at the clever script, I did find myself occasionally cringing at the musical numbers – the enthusiastic accents did make understanding the lyrics difficult, so we missed several of the sung jokes. And I am never a fan of musicals which alter lyrics to well-known songs, as they can often be clunky, and defy the songs natural rhythms – and there were a few instances of this.

A special mention must go to Erin, our Essex beauty therapist. I could have watched a one woman show based on her life, before, during and after the Love Island antics. I was constantly in hysterics, and it’s her performance that jumps the review up and extra star. A hugely physical and terrifyingly accurate portrayal.

All in all, if I can only complain about a little accent enunciation, lyrical lumpyness and a lack of biceps, then a new comedy musical at the Fringe is doing pretty well! I entered the theatre with somewhat low expectations, and exited with cramp from laughing and a desire to go and bulk watch the last series of Love Island – well, that’s maybe pushing it.

Lads, OMG, I Got a Text… This show is totes funny AF – it’s proper worth it, babes. #Fringebinge

Chris O’Mara

Twitter @aramoc