Review: Dusty Limits

Dusty Limits

The Voodoo Rooms (Ballroom)

Cabaret and Variety (musical theatre, comedy)

8th -12th August 19.50

**** 4 stars

Dusty Limits is from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, where he first appeared in Cabaret. A regular at the fringe and his fifteenth year his latest show is Mandrogyny, it’s a shame this year is only a flying visit with a small very entertained audience that will hopefully grow each day. A clutch of original songs written with multiple award-winner Michael Roulston about love, lust, and all the things in-between. Duty Limits is enchanting as he tells his life story, or does he?!? Entertaining the audience by drawing from his own experiences and opinions.

With a warm and humorous opening, the first song “life and I” will get you toe tapping and from then it’s clear that this is going to be no everyday cabaret show. Charming and an outstanding singer, the dark comedy between songs was a winner for me. Each song was original and catchy with audience participation encouraged all the while intriguing as Dusty Limits shares life stories through his morbid sense of humour.

Provocative and dark the show is aimed to shock with politically aimed songs such as (don’t) help the aged, with drama and sadness infusing other tracks. Duty Limit is fascinating to watch and I enjoyed every minute of his act. Fascinatingly dark, provocative, sexy and funny with outstanding vocals, I wanted it to go on longer and also to be his friend! 😊 Definitely one very well performed cabaret show not to be missed.

Susan Clark