Review: Don Gnu – Raiders of the Grey Gold 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Dance, Physical Theatre and CircusΒ (physical theatre, dance)

Don Gnu – Raiders of the Grey Gold

Zoo Southside 19:00

Aug 6-10


Their third show in as many different venues at the Fringe, the Danish dance and physical theatre company Don Gnu have now made their home in Zoo Southside, though the toll the 2018 season on Chambers Street with A Snowball’s Chance in Hell has taken on lead performers and choreographers Jannik ElkΓ¦r and Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen is apparent even before the show starts.

Shuffling on Zimmer frames to greet their audience as they enter, in bathrobes and comfortable slippers they have traded down from the days when the virile Vikings in socks and sandals would stay Up All Night at Dancebase, now more content to sit on the floral patterned armchair and watch the flickering television screen, but shenanigans ensue when a dispute arises over which of the Raiders of the Grey Gold deserves the best view.

A lifetime of memories gone past, the sound system stutters between blasts of noise and rumbles of statics as a cascade of images flash on the back wall of the venue, but still the pair strive for the spark of light which galvanises them but remains frustratingly out of reach, much to the consternation of the orderly who tries to reign in their disorderly behaviour, Petras Lisauskas.

From swaying barefoot figures clad in black to the elegant life of a standard lamp, the music and movement swirls with the occasional accompaniment of mournful accordion and chanteuse Alice Carreri, enhancing the already Lynchian cabaret of oddity and inspiration as Elkær and Pedersen seek to reignite the divine within, drawing spontaneous applause from the audience throughout the show as they do so.

Their Zimmer frames less of an obstacle than an object to vault over, their infirmity no impairment to grace or daring as a slow-motion fistfight of precision timing unfolds on stage, the Raiders of the Grey Gold are growing old disgracefully, making a break for freedom on a souped-up mobility scooter and giving Lisauskas a run for his money and the audience value for theirs with an hour-long show of laughter, athleticism, absurdity and surprises.