Assembly George Square – George Aikmain Theatre

August 24-26th – 19:30, 23:30 (24th)

⭐⭐ (2 stars)

Throughout his latest special Ultrasound, David O’Doherty constantly refers to his show as a
reprieve. O’Doherty sees his show as a means of escape from the political and social turmoil of
2019, using the medium of stand-up to distract his audience from the horrors of the outside
world. However, his set is neither funny or interesting enough to fully immerse an audience and
it is difficult to derive what, if anything, O’Doherty is trying to say.

Ultrasound is a self-professed rambly show and there is never a clear sense of where it’s going
or what it’s about. O’Doherty moves through a variety of topics, including goose-riding monkeys
and an admittedly hilarious segment on ‘mouse-juice’, with a real lack of direction. The music,
while enjoyable, doesn’t seem very necessary, O’Doherty’s simple piano chords serving no
purpose other than to mildly entertain. And in many ways that seems to be the show’s whole
MO: to mildly entertain. While David O’Doherty is enjoyable for the hour that you spend
listening to him, he leaves no lasting impression and the minute you leave the theatre you would
be hard-pressed to describe what his show is actually about.

However, while I didn’t completely enjoy O’Doherty’s set, it’s clear that the audience did,
seeming to be thoroughly engaged throughout. O’Doherty has a specific brand of comedy and
that evidently works for him. So while Ultrasound wasn’t my cup of tea, if you have enjoyed
O’Doherty’s humour in the past then this will probably be up your street.


William Shaw