The Stand Comedy Club 3 and 4.Β  Β V12

August 1st to 12thΒ  Β  16.30

🌟🌟🌟 (3 Stars)

David Kay is rightly considered one of the hidden gems of the Scottish comedy circuit. This tall, slender figure strides onto the stage and asks how we all are. Then begins to tell us about his day. This is not a comedian who asks many questions of the first two rows. No – he is contained, talking gently and confidentially to you. And it is rather as though he is talking to you, and not to a crowd.
He references the fact that he is known as the scone comic, pretending not to want to go into that, but then, he has been told that people are very disappointed if he does not. He will regale us with tales of his kitchen, and of the various small details of his daily life. We are not at all concerned that no large issues are being discussed; this guy, with his slow and almost shy and self-effacing delivery and rather liquid accent, is gradually charming us.
After telling us of several adventures comparing the scones of himself and his friends, and many other matters of more import than you might have imagined, he tells us that he will have to leave, but gently adds that we might not be pleased by that, as he feels that he may have brought us under his spell. And indeed he has.
This is a show to ease into, to relish all the minor details of, and to chuckle about afterwards. A very good treat for tea-time.