Review: Darius Davies: Persian of Interest ⭐⭐


Darius Davies: Persian of Interest

Just the Tonic

⭐⭐ (2 stars)

Davies, the millennial, presents us with a kaleidoscopic view of modern living. Indeed, we live in uncertain times, with fake news, the corruption of technology, the ‘me-too’ movement, AI, internet dating and dick pics penetrating modern life. But it is nice to be reminded (yet again) of the overt dishonesty surrounding us, albeit through subaltern eyes and through the medium of comedy – way to soften the blow of depressing modernity, Davies!

Slight flippancy aside, it is true that Davies truly has a lot to say. There is nothing quite like exposing the conspiracies of life that characterise these uncertain times than to pose as a female on Tinder for laughs and divulge details of your conversation with an unknowing stranger (Tez). The man only wants to ‘suck your [imaginary] bobs’, Davies (or should I say,

Daria – your Tinder alter ego). Tez is clearly as displaced and misguided by these times as you are – as are we all.

Indeed, we are all subjected to this fine pricking that life gives to all seven billion of us – but I came out of this comedy show half-bored, half-depressed. Sure, Davies offers some social commentary, but at this point, he’s beating a dead horse. Nothing uplifting emerges at the end of this show. Later, I retreat home in solemnity, to return to the isolation and unsympathetic recoil offered in this technological apocalypse.

By Joshua Kaye