Pleasance Dome   V23     16.10

July 31st to August 26th (not 12th)

🌟🌟🌟 (3 Stars)

This is a performance by Anthony Keigher AKA Xnthony who hails from Roscommon in the Irish Republic, the only area in the Republic to vote against marriage equality in the 2014 referendum. Xnthony tells us about his Catholic upbringing, and the process of being confirmed in that religion, but of later not feeling his sexuality being confirmed by his community in the referendum.
He is a tall, blond, broad-shouldered and good looking guy, with a deep and resonant voice. His show is a mixture of songs and narration; the composer and musical director is Sally O Dunlaing. Xnthony begins in white shirt and grey slacks, but later transforms into white suit with frilled legs and high white heels. Very striking; he can swing on those heels.
Xnthony chats with the audience very agreeably, learns the names of many, tells us tales of his upbringing, including letting us hear the voice of his father, who he says has seen the show and likes it.
Xnthony is a very charming crooner, but I did feel that the show, which was all the time very relaxed and enjoyable, could have done with a little edge at times, with some sense of urgency. Yet it is very good to see that Xnthony clearly feels very accepted within his family and is confident in presenting this show. The show is a very enjoyable tea-time indulgence.