Review: Colin Cloud: Psycho (Logical) *****


Colin Cloud: Psycho (Logical)

Comedy, Magic

Pleasance Courtyard 20:00

Until 27th August, excluding 14th

***** (Five stars)

As seen on the Royal Variety Performance with 2017 & appearing on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show on the BBC as well as ITV’s this morning, Colin Cloud has been making a name for himself by stunning audiences worldwide.

Feeling a little bit skeptical, I watched as selected members of the waiting audience at the Pleasance Grand were given pieces of paper to write down a word and as Cloud’s specialty is mind reading it creates an intrigue in the crowd and a sense of what’s to come.

As the audiences get seated Colin is in a locked glass box on the stage with the keys outside the box but that’s pretty much all I am going to reveal about the content of the show.

Colin has great stage presence and moves quickly between routines, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. He is full of charisma and confidence while he charmingly shares the secrets of his audience nothing in your mind is safe. Often with magic shows you can think it’s all been set up and the participants preselected but with Colin asking his audience to post a selfie on social media and for friends to comment it allows other people from outside to get involved with no way on knowing before who will take part.

The grand finale is mind-blowing and you will come out believing in magic, mindreading and constantly thinking “how did he do that?”

Impressive, funny, skillful and entertaining this show is not to be missed and I hope he continues to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Susan Clark