Review: Cold Blood ****



King’s Theatre (E I F)

August 4th to 6th 20.00 (run ended)


This was a unique show. A screen stretches across the upper part of the stage.

On this we will see the results of what is happening beneath – the special scenes that are being created by the team beneath and filmed as they happen. Scenes of misty woods, of cities, of aircraft in storms, and mostly of hands – hands walking, hands dancing a la Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, a hand being a pole dancer, a hand driving a car, and much more.

A voice over soothingly leads us to relax, to be sleepy, to go into these worlds. To experience seven deaths. Below, we can see the team using small models, lights, sprays fingers and shoulders, all in the service of the illusions above. And we realise how easily we can be seduced by relaxing romantic nostalgia, with good music. Yet we are kept alert by the sharp and whimsical humour involved, and there is much laughter.

After many adventures and our seven deaths, bright glowing sheets are used against a vertical board plus many hands to create a kaleidoscopic vision on the screen, where many hands that become many babies and figures swirl entrancingly. An amazing finale.

This is all the creation of director Jaco van Dormael and dancers Michele Anne De Mey, Gregory Grosjean and Gabrieela Iacono for the Kiss and Cry Collective. This group create real magic of a very special kind, an experience not to be forgotten. Look out for this company if their work comes anywhere near you. Their work is to be treasured. And another E I F standing ovation!

Tony Challis