Review: Circa: Wolfgang ****

Children’s Shows

Circa: Wolfgang

Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows, v360

14.00 (ends 25 August, not Mondays)

**** (4 stars)

A girl sits alone, celebrating her birthday – she has bought herself a tiny cake, and a party hat, and a present: she keeps going to the front door, hoping that someone will appear to help her celebrate. Sadly she opens her present to herself – it’s an LP of Mozart’s music: she puts them on her record player and begins to listen and suddenly Wolfgang himself comes out of her fridge…

Wordless physical humour and impressive acrobatic skills make for a thoroughly entertaining hour in the Underbelly’s circus tent. Balances, contortions, dressing while riding a bicycle, a slow motion fight, a conductor wrestling first with his music stand and then with escaping batons, and for a finale an astonishing balancing act involving a table, four champagne bottles, three chairs and one extremely agile acrobat add up to an excellent hour’s entertainment which kept a large number of children and their adults entertained.

Would I have found it as entertaining without Mozart’s music – a combination of a recorded soundtrack and an accordionist in a gold, angelic-winged onesie? Possibly not – for me there was the added fun of identifying the pieces used, including the clarinet quintet and concerto, a flute quartet, voi che sapete, the Queen of the Night’s aria and the famous horn concerto passage made immortal by Flanders & Swann [llok it up and quote]

The performers [whose names I have tried but failed to find] were engaging, extremely talented, and excellent at getting us involved: there much giggling and laughter, a lot of oohs and has, and applause throughout – a lovely way to spend an hour on a sunny afternoon on the Meadows.

Mary Woodward