Review: Butterfly ***


Butterfly Three stars

C Royale Venue 6 18.30

August 1st to 27th

Jilberto Solo here entertains us with tales of his gay life, his family, his experiences as a Mexican, with racism, and with a troubled world. As the title suggest, he has a strong liking for the idea of the butterfly effect, of a small action having enormous consequences, and there are many bright blue plastic butterflies on his set.

He is concerned about the state of the environment, and about the way that we are ignoring that, and also about masculinity as expressed at this time. Attitudes to gays amongst many men, as well as racist attitudes, do not make for the easiest of lives for this comedian. But he fights through, with energy and warmth, and his appeal to the audience as fellow human beings and fellow travellers is one of his strengths.

The Fringe is a very time-sensitive region, and shows often have a short slot; performers have to fit a lot in, However, I did feel that Jilberto could have benefitted from easing the pace at times. Some of his best lines did not maybe sink in and get the response they might have done because he barely paused at all before being on to the next thing. The audience needs a little time to absorb a sharp or unexpected joke.

I also felt Jilberto maybe did a bit too much apologising for himself. He has a strong and infectiously hearty manner, and he goes for the jugular with some very direct sexual humour. He should not worry too much how we are taking it – everyone will warm to him very soon.

Tony Challis