Underbelly George Square (The Wee Coo)   V300

31st July to 26 August (not 13)

🌟🌟🌟 (3 Stars)

Brought to us by Let it Go Productions, this show encourages us to lose some of our inhibitions and take part. The very dynamic performer shows us his skills on the bicycle, and encourages his audience in a few kinds of movement. He works his audience in a friendly way, engaging in dialogue with many of us, and unintrusively finding out some of our interests.
Early on, we are mainly concerned with forms of action, with our breathing, with the joys of fitness. Eventually, though, we move on to an encounter in a bar – an encounter with a great but very friendly stage beast. (I will leave you to find out the identity of the beast.) Overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of this beast, our hero finds that he is exploring a different side of his sexuality, having previously thought of himself as hetero-normative. However, he finds this new experience is excitingly overwhelming.
It is difficult to be sure if this is really a story about bi-sexuality or about a guy discovering his real self, but let’s assume the former, for the sake of the title and the theme. There is much wit and humour at all stages of the show, but what is sad is the extent to which the new experience breeds fear. Fear of exposure, fear that the unconditional love that has always come from his parents may now retreat. Sad that after so much progress at many levels on LGBT issues in many places, this fear is still real for many people.
This is a very dynamic show, though in such a small venue I did feel that this Australian performer could have lowered the volume and still been very effective. After this show I felt energised, keen to have a more active afternoon, and glad to have seen the show, but also to have been taken on a journey that is not yet complete. I did not feel I had any extra insights into the living of a bi-sexual life. But this was not, presumably, the performer’s aim.
This show is, though, a very stimulating and enjoyable ride, and one to be relaxedly enjoyed.