Pleasance Courtyard – Bunker Two

August 1-25th (not 13th, 20th)

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 stars)

In a lot of the shows that I’ve seen as a reviewer, I seemed to have been picked on: Titania McGrath, Alice Fraser, Garry Starr (pretty much all of the audience got included in his show, so maybe that doesn’t count). It’s strange.

However, as Yasmine Day spotted me, extended her finger and began to slowly walk towards me, I was nervous. An 80s comparison was coming. Who could I remind her of? David Bowie? Elton John? Madonna even?


Roland Rat.

Luckily the rest of the show made up for this.

Eighties pop sensation Yasmine Day (played by the very talented Jay Bennett) takes to the stage and recreates a Bonnie Tyler video with her two backup dancers in a hilariously amateur way – a perfect start to the show. We see for ourselves that this washed up character is floundering and struggling to keep up with other artists in the music business nowadays. From there (and post-Roland Rat) we learn that Yasmine Day is performing some of her greatest hits for a selected audience of celebrity friends, including such classics as “L O V Spells Love” and my personal favourite “Eternal Flame”, however, just singing the vowels. She has an absolutely spectacular voice, one that could, and should, be filling a much larger room.

There are some points in the show that went on for longer than they should have (maybe Kim Wilde just didn’t want to be found?) However, the final set piece of Yasmine’s own musical, incredibly similar to her own life story, was a treat to see.

Any child of the 80s will absolutely love this, any fan of character comedy will love this. Fans of Cheryl Baker? I’d think twice…

James Macfarlane