Gilded Balloon Teviot – Billiard Room

August 2-26th (not 12th) – 8:45pm

🌟🌟🌟🌟 (4 Stars)

Around about forty minutes into her show, Alice Fraser gestures to a gentleman in the audience and lets him know that he looks like the kind of person who’s been into a McDonald’s toilet with a supply of Nad’s hair removal cream and has shaved his balls.

β€œI hope you’re not the reviewer!” she then exclaims, to a loud laugh.

Well Alice, I was the reviewer.

So here’s what I thought of the show.

It seems like Alice Fraser doesn’t know who she really is. She openly admits this. Her name, her birthplace, her sex…they should all be concrete staples of this lawyer-turned-comedian. But as she explores these elements of her character, they don’t seem so definitive after all.

Her surname – Fraser – is it genuine or just an Anglo-sounding word? Her sex – is she a woman or should she be labeled as something else? And finally, and most hilariously, her birthplace – real, or is she simply an actor? Does Australia actually exist? She explores this in an absolute note-perfect parody song about online trolls.

Fraser’s power in her comedy comes from her character. She appears as a genuinely lovely person whose irritation with aspects of life come through in small rants you would happily have with a friend as you put the world to rights. The comedy is not harsh, but the points are very well made. There is one parody song about feminism towards the end of the show that, literally, says more in 3 minutes that some comedy shows are wanting to say in an hour.

Alice Fraser lets the audience know that it is her father who reads and keeps her reviews. Maybe this one will cross his proverbial desk. β€˜Mythos’ is a very enjoyable show that certainly will leave me with a quirky tune stuck in my head next time someone has a go at me on Twitter.

James Macfarlane