theSpace on the Mile     V39

August  2nd to 24th (not 11, 18)    22.00

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 stars)

This is a two hander which might almost be called a four thumber.  However, many other anatomical features do have a part to play…
Two guys begin chatting online. Jamie has the site name Butt Boy and Matt is Tigger.  As Tigger quickly points out, Jamie does have a story behind his choice. It is not long before they begin delving into devised fantasies, safely indulged in because they are not actually in each other’s presence, and can let their imaginations rip.
They are communicating by phone, so can easily put those down and apparently act out their wildest fantasies, much to the hilarity of the audience, who were falling about with laughter. I reckon I was one of the few audience members who could remember the earlier production of this shown at the Fringe, some years back, when two Australian cast members were stuck behind computers on desks and did not get up for a long time. This made for a particular kind of absurd hilarity, but this new production, where technology has moved on, and bodies are much more free to express themselves – pretty literally – works in a different way, and is great fun.
Harry Franklin as Jamie/Butt Boy is extremely expressive, making very agile use of his long-limbed body – and of his long tongue…. His use of voices and of bodily contortions is a joy. Bradley Curran as Matt/Tigger develops scenes in which he has full use of the enthusiastic Butt Boy, and is also very effective as a compliant stable boy, with Butt Boy this time his rib-tickling lord and master.
Eventually the question of – can we possibly go beyond this fantasy? is raised. How far will they go? You will have to find out. I would heartily recommend that you go along and experience this very contemporary relationship. This is a many laughs a minute show that might be called a farce with heart.