Puppetry of the Penis: 3D

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Puppetry of the Penis: 3D
Assembly George Square

There are few words to describe the bizarre yet evidently talented performance presented in ‘Puppetry of the Penis’ and 3D really does add a whole new dimension to this show. I feel that on inventiveness, skill and braveness alone this show deserves high praise – I have never seen anything quite like this before (and probably never will again!) It was also evident that people love a bit of penis – this was a sell-out show and, to quote the woman who was queuing behind me, ‘everybody loves a good banana’.

I never knew that the male genitalia could be made to represent a sombrero, or a burger or Ayers Rock – the possibilities seemed endless in this genital origami show (like normal origami but without the paper-cuts!) They even give instructions on how male audience members can perform some of their tricks at home – I definitely saw myself in a new light in the shower this morning! As a man, it was also reassuring to be told by the two performers that none of the tricks were painful, although some of them looked like they would cause at least minor discomfort! The show seemed pretty slick and rehearsed (it would have to be!) although the duo did lose their way in the running at one point.

The advertising has been widespread, and the audiences are queuing in their hundreds, so it is undoubted that ‘Puppetry of the Penis: 3D’ will remain highly-popular at Fringe 2011. Although, one piece of advice for those going to see this show – sit in the middle of the auditorium for the full 3D effect, but stick to the back and don’t put your hand up…there’s a couple of audience participation sections! A completely bizarre, not-at-all arousing but downright impressive show not to be missed (unless you are under 18).