What made you decide to work with 3D technology? How did the idea come about?
A dickade ago when we began, and camera and a big screen were cutting edge. Today the audience expects a lot more, and we intend to give them something new.

What inspires you to create a new dick trick and how do you go about it?
Sometimes you will see something and think ‘I can do that!” and then again sometimes you’ll be work shopping and think to yourself “hang on! What does this look like!?” The chicken and the egg really.

Who do you feel your material is aimed at?
It’s for everybody! Half of us have one, the other half is rather curious about them.

What about going on tour around the UK are you most looking forward to?
Seeing the masses trying to cuddle a penis!

Did you ever think you’d make a career out of doing it?
Oh no! Who could ever dream of this! Mind you, think a lot of men dream of traveling the world, getting their penises out for an hour a night, and getting paid for it!

Why do you think men have such a fascination with their penises?
It’s our power source. We keep it hidden, but can’t wait to share it. With it we share some of our most memorable and joyous moments. It’s just always been there for us.

Have you ever had any strange requests from fans?
Too many to mention!  No, I will not sign your testicle!

How do you prepare for your shows?
Relax and think of my Nanna.

What was the audition process for cockstars like?
Fascinating. They really do come in all shapes and sizes!

Which is the hardest trick to get right / the easiest to get wrong?
Hardest – Sea Anemone. Easiest to get wrong – The Hamburger. Got to balance those buns!

Have you ever injured yourselves?
Not from performing the tricks, but an old lady did drop me on my head one night.