Paul Sinha: Looking at the Stars

Paul Sinha: Looking at the Stars
The Stand 3

Last August, Paul Sinha’s show ‘Extreme White Vitriol’ discussed, amongst other things, the British National Party and argued for dialogue with the individuals who advocated racist or other objectionable views. Not a tactic shared by many on the left.

Later that year, Sinha had the opportunity to meet Jim Davidson, something that he was understandably reluctant to do. Since the death of Bernhard Manning, Davidson is the highest profile (allegedly) racist, (allegedly) homophobic and (truly) misogynistic comedian in Britain.  Would Sinha be willing and able to follow the message of his last show – and meet him?

This is one of many, very loosely connected stories that Sinha tells with the confident touch of a real professional.  Unlike too many stand up shows this Fringe, the show doesn’t appear over-written and so it feels like a genuine performance, unique from the gigs on other nights. His delivery is a little slower than before, which allows the audience to keep up with the jokes. Not a line is wasted.

To date this is the best stand-up I’ve seen this Fringe, from a comedian who should be on the television much more often. He says that he doesn’t have a face for TV, but he’s much better looking than Michael Hazen James McIntyre.