Partial Nudity



Zoo Pleasance

August  5 to 27th



This is a two-hander set in the dressing room of a Bolton night club. A hen party and a stag do are both booked. Male and female strippers have to share a dressing room.

We begin with the male stripper entering, silent, somewhat bemused and not very attached to the equipment he unpacks. He is taken aback by the arrival of the female stripper, much more experienced and savvy.

The interaction between these two provides fascinating drama. We learn a great deal about their respective attitudes and situations, as they probe each other’s territory but only so far. The verbal and physical clumsiness of the man provides comedy. Both characters are well observed in this crisp script, and many issues about relations between the sexes are touched upon.

This is a very engaging show, the cause of numerous laughs and chuckles when I saw it, and pointed and thought provoking at the same time.


Tony Challis