On the conditions and possibilities of Hillary Clinton taking me as her Young Lover




August  5th to 28th (not 15, 22)



Here we have a young New Zealand academic who does a thorough and exhaustive inquiry into the value of Hillary Clinton taking a young male lover, and why it should be HIM.

He discusses the extra vigour and energy this would allow Hillary to devote to her campaign, in detailed and basic terms. And he surveys the world in terms of the suitability of each country, age group and type to provide the required escort, and reveals that he, he believes, is the ideal candidate. He even reads us letters he has sent to Hillary explaining her need and his willingness to fulfil it.

It is all done in the form of a power point presentation in a lecture theatre. And it is, of course, all zany and extremely funny from the word go. An introductory section about the educational achievements of the audience, and later references to educational differences in the audience, left me rather cold – I could not see the point, unless it was a way of guying the attitudes academics express. The whole show can be seen as a spoof on academic research.

The analysis is extensive, and we do get the joke. Maybe the show is somewhat overlong. Yet it is a very entertaining hour, a very elegant diversion, and one which is sure to warm the breasts of all the mature ladies in the audience. An exceptional  and very diverting enterprise.


Tony Challis