Ciao Roma

I don’t think I have ever sat through a stand-up show as boring, disengaging and completely unfunny as Oklahomaphobia, and am frankly pissed off that an irreclaimable hour of my life was wasted seeing it. The description for the show gave little information as to what was involved, although it generated sufficient interest for me to go and see it – again, I wish I hadn’t. Even now I cannot really tell you what it was that I watched – apparently it was comedy, but I deem comedy to be at least vaguely funny – it was just a collection of ‘comedians’ reeling off some of their material in a boring and rambling manner. The only positive to this show was that the lead comedian took a very strong stance against homophobia (as alluded to in the description), although the title only inspires one joke rather than an underlying theme as initially assumed.

Thankfully this show is on the Free Fringe, and so people aren’t wasting money in seeing it, but they are wasting time – if I hadn’t been reviewing and desperate for a more inspiring end to the show, I probably would have walked out after about fifteen minutes. There was nothing witty or intellectual about the comedy, it was just a case of simple laughs for simple people. The show was also not helped by the awful venue that is Ciao Roma, although I suppose a poor show deserves no better – I just couldn’t help but thinking that there are hundreds of ambitious young performers out there who would have jumped at the chance to bag themselves a venue at the Fringe, regardless of its quality, and would have made better use of it than this atrocious excuse for comedy.