Pleasance Courtyard

It has been a highly varied year for news stories, so the team behind NewsRevue had a lot of inspiration for their new show; although I knew that a few months ago after I overheard the director discussing it on the phone. That’s right, unsurprisingly the recent News International phone hacking scandal was a major feature of this year’s NewsRevue, but it was presented hilariously, especially in the final musical medley which included parodies of both Journey in ‘Anyway she wants it, that’s the way you read it’ and Take That in ‘Never forget where you got it from’.

It was clear that a lot of research and planning went into the creation of this show, including some genius lyrics and witty short sketches on a huge number of topics ranging from the Pope singing ‘Bareback Necessities’ to a restaurant-style take on the Alternative Vote.  The highlight of the show for me was ‘House of One’ – a take on the Madness hit ‘House of Fun’ but adapted to feature the Queen and Kate Middleton…it’s too funny to explain, so go see NewsRevue! The only downside to this show is that the format gets slightly predictable – each sketch is still very different and very funny, but in many cases, as soon as the characters are presented you can start to guess at what’s about to play out.

All of the four performers were equally talented, giving energy, conviction and great vocal ability to the sketches. Equally, the audience were entertained throughout although not quite as far hysterics, but it is clear that this show is a crowd-pleaser. However, I would suggest that those easily offended; any Libyans, David Cameron, News International (former) employees or relatives of the McCanns should probably think twice before going to see NewsRevue.