Any show which can pull in a full house, during the afternoon, to the damp caves of the Underbelly, on just its second show is sure to do well at the Fringe. Furthermore, any show which features the comedy stylings of YouTube sensations Matt Lacey and Tom Williams, and is produced by the wonderful Unexpected Productions is guaranteed to be a popular crowd-pleaser.

‘Mythbunking’ has all the makings of being a great comedy hit, but I felt that it is not yet bedded in to its new venue and Fringe setting – I suspect that this is partly due to the recent start of its run, and also due to the hectic Fringe schedule of its stars (who also feature in the main Unexpected Items show). The result of this was that there were come awkward moments when occasionally lines or thought trains were forgotten and Tom and Matt were left to improvise – which, incidentally proved to be surprisingly successful for them!

Nonetheless the audience loved every moment and seemed to appreciate the improvised comedy created by the duo at usually off-putting moments such as late-comers and minor technical faults. There are some hilarious sections of the show and amusing use is made of multimedia through image and video projections and sound – I never thought I’d hear the lyrics of Tinnie Tempah’s ‘Pass Out’ altered to be a reference to the laddish and drunken shenanigans of Dame Judi Dench. This show even has a healthy dose of audience participation and, although I am not usually a fan, the audience seemed to be up for a laugh despite the dark, dripping surroundings.

I have no fear that this will soon become another great show for the team at Unexpected, but it just needs a little more rehearsal, performance and confidence to make it the show that it deserves to be.