My Leonard Cohen


Assembly Hall

18:15 (aug 4th- 28th, not 18th)


Leonard Cohen needs no introduction. Author, poet, singer, songwriter and at 81 years old one of the last surviving musical greats. His songs are beautiful, witty. Being sexy one minute, tender and devastating the next. It’s no wonder every cabaret star in all of the Fringe has done their own unique take on his work.

Of the top of my head I can think of dozens of covers of his music, so if you are going to do a full 75 minute  tribute to Cohen,  you had better be bringing your A game. Thankfully Stewart D’Arrietta’s and his 5 piece live band are taking no prisoners tonight. They are here to show you how it’s done and to put it mildly they are storming. Their renditions of Cohen’s most loved songs are gutsy, gritty with a blues twang and they sound absolutely fantastic. D’Arrietta grizzly vocals are far more Tom Wait’s than Cohen but it clicks perfectly with the sound. He’s also a great front man sharing many fascinating stories, shedding some unique stories about the man himself.

The set list too is also a delight, with the omission of  The future all the greats are here,  like Everybody Knows, I’m your man, Bird on a wire they all sit beautifully next to the more tender renditions of So Long, Marianne and of course, ‘the most famous blow job in history’ Chelsea Hotel.

Performed perfectly by a tight, impressive band this show comes highly recommended.

Martin Miller