Mr Ken Dee in Cabaret

Mr Ken Dee in Cabaret
C eca

This 50 minute romp of a drag show is very late at night – with plenty of gay humour from the talented Mr Ken Dee.

It’s a shame that he is playing in a venue that is so big – it’s hard to imagine it being filled – but at the performance I attended he had the audience in his hand. He flew through Tina Turner, Lady Gaga and Dame Shirley Bassey routines complete with lightening quick changes for each in a ‘Stars in the Eyes’ style section. He even went as far as to bare all for a Follies Berger number.

Ken does have a sweet voice but knows his limitations so chooses to lip synch on a couple of numbers – to great effect. It’s a very bawdy affair and one which would pack out CC Blooms or Priscilla’s any night of the week.

A good dose of camp late night campery and I hope he gets the audiences to turn out for him.