Mitch Benn

Mitch Benn
The Stand 3

Fresh from frequently being the funniest thing on BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show, the ‘country’s leading musical satirist’, Mitch Benn presents his first solo Fringe show in years. Benn has a rich Fringe history, originally appearing as one of the Improverts at Bedlam theatre, whilst at Edinburgh University. He’s lost a LOT of weight in the last year or so and he’s looks terrific. Those of you attending the show expecting the Bear of old will be disappointed.

Highlights? There are a-plenty. His tribute to the BBC, in the style of Bob Dylon, or if you prefer, Billy Joel, served to remind us what we’ll miss should the institution be diminished.  You can buy the T-shirt here:

The satirical tribute to Eurovision, which imagined each European county shouting racist insults at each other rather than singing, during the unfeasibly popular contest, hit the nail of the head beautifully. And his routine asking why members of the British National Party were so fat was hilarious.

The very best bit for me was the brand new take on a number he has been performing with his band, ‘The Attractions’ for years. To rap the story to MacBeth to the tune of Eminem’s ‘My Name Is’ using only an iPhone app – which he programs as we watch – was genius.

Sadly, in this short hour there was no time for other favourites, ‘Happy Birthday War’, ‘Everything Sounds Like Coldplay now’ or his skit on James Blunt – but wanting a show to last a lot longer is hardly a criticism is it?