Traverse Theatre V15     Various times

August 4th to 27th (not 7, 14 and 21)

Here we have two women marooned on an island, or sandbank, apparently not a vast distance from home, maybe they can see the shore. They have had a boating accident. Helen (Sharon Duncan-Brewster)  and Robyn (Neve McIntosh) are disorientated, confused, and Helen is maybe concussed. There is an off-stage woman, voiced by Helen, who is not very helpful. There is much talk of their mutual home, and gradually the real nature of their situation becomes clear to them… Or does it?

They vary between closeness and mutual anger. Aspects of their island change. Behind this drama stands the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. The revelations within the story hold the attention, and the two characters give intense and arresting performances. However, I found Zinnie Harris’ language in the text disappointing, lacking poetic depth. Maybe the characters’ limited range of expression and repeated expletives was part of the point and part of their situation, and their readiness to anger part of their tragedy.

Even within the mythical structure, I found suspension of disbelief was at times strained. I was held by the situation as it developed, but I did end wanting more to have happened and wanting to know more.

Tony Challis