Margaret Cho: Cho Dependant

Margaret Cho: Cho Dependant
Assembly George Square

With all the subtlety of a cheap bottle of red on a Friday night (just chuck it down your throat and enjoy yourself) Margaret Cho sashays onstage, confident that by the end of her show, the audience will be eating from the palm of her casually extended hand.

Cho’s humour is energetic, ballsy and raucous.  Hedonism is the dish of the day and as Cho journeys through a sample of her sexual exploits; complete with finite detail (think bush and lots of it) the audience cringe but crack up simultaneously.  Cho talks frankly of topics often avoided by women and I feel her ‘asshole’ should get its own credit on her flyer.

Whilst Cho has the room in stitches, she unites a queer friendly audience in her no bullshit attitude to same sex marriage and gay teen suicide.  This more political and sensitive material is interspersed with her love/hate feelings on Sarah Palin; ‘I don’t like Sarah Palin’s politics at all, but, I wanna fuck her’.

Cho uses her cultural heritage to elicit a few more, cheaper laughs.  Extended impersonations of her Korean mother are amusing, but a little tired.  Although Cho herself states that she is not as famous here, as she is in the US, she can still rely on her credentials enough to merely sneeze onstage and bring the house down.

As with that cheap bottle of vino, Cho is to be enjoyed on a rare occasion but leaves a taste in your mouth you won’t be forgetting for some time.