Looser Women

Looser Women
Gilded Balloon

Based on real life stories, this verbatim comedy is risqué to say the least. With sex as its driving force, this comedy show is tongue in cheek (and every other metaphorical orifice). The comedy trio retell interviews with an array of people, at various ages, and expose hilarious sexual encounters, and twist the more mundane frivolities into wildly funny recollections. It was in these sketches that they were at their funniest, and it was only in the moments when the trio spoke directly to the audience, that the experience became too personal for some audience members; as a handful of women walked out! However, I did not find their approach to be aggressive or imposing, quite the opposite. So it is advisable to enter the show with an open-mind and a pinch of sexual liberation.

Although it was scripted with cue cards and presented in the chat show style, it didn’t feel contrived and often they wouldwhip out ad hoc one liners, so they were laughing with us.It was raw comedy, and I never feltcompelled to laugh; as sometimes happens with comedians, and I think this is due to the truth behind the anecdotes. I found myself laughing constantly, as the pace was swift and Karen Dunbar in particular brought such energy to the show, that it was difficult to resist getting swept up in the hilarity. My one criticism is that sometimes Dunbar’s delivery was sometimes too fast, that a few punch lines slipped away, but perhaps this is just because my ears are not attuned to a rapid Scottish accent.

This is a really fun late night show, and gives its daytime TV counterpart the two fingers. Step aside Coleen Nolan, the ‘Looser Women’ perform after the watershed, and their comedy is tighter.