LGBTQ+ comedians that are worth seeing this year

By James Macfarlane

In today’s society, it seems opinion of comedy is divided. It’s either viewed as a welcome distraction to much of the toxic environment that we find ourselves in, or something that offends us. This August, there are some fantastic comedians from the LGBTQ+ community offering some great sets. They represent this concept of divided opinion – controversial, yet undeniably brilliant.

Andrew Doyle – ‘Exodus’ – (Venue 33, Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance Above, 10:30pm)

Quick witted, sharp tongued and a very close acquaintance of Twitter’s love her/hate her icon Titania McGrath, Andrew Doyle truly provides some of the most cutting satire at the Fringe this year. Co-creator and co-writer of the internet sensation Jonathan Pie, he is never one to shy away from a little controversy. Doyle has a limited run of shows this year – one week only. An act definitely not to be missed!

Catherine Bohart – ‘Lemon’ – (Venue 33, Pleasance Courtyard, Upstairs, 6pm)

Catherine Bohart makes no attempt to hide that she is irritated about certain aspects of life during her hour long show. In fact, at the beginning of ‘Lemon’, she reveals that the whole show was created as a response to a piece of criticism unfairly leveled at her. Star of BBC’s ‘The Mash Report’ and ‘The Guilty Feminist’ podcast, Irish-born Bohart’s show delves into the world of relationships with men and women, sexuality and the difficulties of dating another stand-up comedian, in a show that that is equally as poignant as it is funny.

Amelia Bayler – ‘Emotional Bangers’ (Venue 452, Mirth Meltdown @ 52 Canoes, The Den, 12:30pm)

Queen of gesticulations, Queen of the millennial aesthetic, Queen of the emotional gut punch, Amelia Bayler’s star is truly on the rise. Recently featured on BBC Scotland’s “The Comedy Underground”, Bayler seamlessly weaves eccentric songs with some ‘did-she-just-say-that?” moments to leave the audience with more than just a few quirky bops stuck in their heads.


Craig Hill – ‘Bottoms Up!’ – (Pleasance at EICC, Lomond Theatre, 7:20pm)

The veteran festival performer returns for his 21st year at the Fringe. A constant Fringe sell-out, Craig Hill is a master of his craft and is a natural born story-teller, with a few innuendos thrown in too. Sassy, outrageous and a delight to watch.

By James Macfarlane