Laurence Clark: Health Hazard

Laurence Clark: Health Hazard

It is a hard task for anyone to do stand-up comedy, let alone for someone who does not perform comedy while standing up.  Laurence Clark is back at the festival once again with another funny yet informative comedy.  Clark has gone down a slightly more cautious route than his other acts, such as “Spastic Fantastic” which was about attitudes an perceptions of disability.  The privatisation of healthcare seemed to be quite a dry subject, though Clark – through the medium of PowerPoint presentation –  makes this into a fun, enjoyable hour.

During this one man show, Clark is able to provoke many different emotions from the audience.  As Clark has cerebral palsy, he has a very intimate relationship with healthcare.  He mentions how much more health insurance would cost in America just because of his impairment.  He would have been charged so much more; this raises many questions about the ethics of privatised healthcare.  Clark also, as in other shows, interviews members of the American public and manages to show us some quite thought stimulating responses from America.  An all round great show with many laughs.