Ladyboys of Bangkok

Ladyboys of Bangkok
Meadows Theatre Big Top

The fringe stalwarts return to there festival home on the meadows with a brand new production from director Robert Gandey titled Fur Coats and French Knickers.

Its well over a decade since the Ladyboys debuted on the fringe and each year the show tries to change itself. As is the usual the first five minutes have the audience disbelieving that what they are actually seeing is indeed a group of males performing as females.

What follows is nearly two hours of sparkles, colour and comedy as we parade through the hits of Rhianna, Taio Cruz, Shakira, and Katy Perry and for me far too many numbers by Lady Gaga. With lots of audience participation and comedy digs at the likes of Jordan and Peter Andre. This all leads to an over the top finale of New York New York in a Liza Minnelli explosion of glitter, feathers and sequins that has to be been seen to be believed. Concluding the show is a special Scottish Encore which had the audience in the massive Pavilion on their feet to the end.

The Ladyboys have become such stalwarts as it’s so obvious they enjoy what they do on stage and this alone will keep the massive cross section of an audience returning to the pavilion year on year. This for many people is a must see production of the festival diary and I can see why it is.